Széchenyi István University


About the University

Organizational Structure



Faculties of the university

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Baross Gábor Institute of Built Environment and Transport

Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Jedlik Ányos Institute of Informatics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


Doctoral Schools of the university

Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering, Modelling and Development of Infrastructural Systems

Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Economy, Law, Regionalism and Society in the Integration of Central Europe



Independent academic Institutes


Petz Lajos Institute of Health and Social Studies

Cooperative Research Center for Vehicle Electronics and Logistic

Varga Tibor Institute of Musical Art

Regional University Knowledge Centre for Vehicle Industry





Office of Research and International Relations

Hungarian Electronic Journal Of Sciences

ECTS at the Széchenyi István University

Centre of Distance and Vocational Education



Eponym István Széchenyi


Győr And Its Surroundings





H-9026 Győr, Hungary


1. Egyetem tér


+ 36 96 503-406


+ 36 96 503-400